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    Born in New York to Brazilian and American parents, Daria was immersed early on in an artistic environment where diverse forms of art were part of her daily life. Her memories of growing up in the heart of multicultural New York are of a vibrant experience, a mix of museums, experimental music, art classes, and encounters with contemporary artists. Concerts and operas enrich her childhood providing a visual feast which fires her imagination.

     Another essencial  component is the influence of South America in her work.  It is expressed in a visceral and passionate approach to the creative process, a mix of energy and poetry. No boundaries. No censorship. No categories. No contradictions, eventhough joy characterizes Brazilian music and dance it has a deeper undercurrent, a call to something more profound – a celebration of life.

     What interests Daria is to actually work with these deep, primordial energies and rhythms, like the rhythm of the heart which beats and vibrates through our ancestral dances, an ever present echo of her Brazilian roots.

      So to reconnect with these energies, she practices meditation. In the silence, a space opens, a space in which it is possible to feel connected and return to a deep place within…the rhythm is still present like a pulsing universal vibration.

     Not only are these inner journeys a limitless source of inspiration, but travels to different places also become the central paradigm for her search. Early on, she learns that there are foundamentally no borders and it is possible to fully experience another culture. As a child she spends hours exploring ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and delving into mythology. These travels ignite a desire to search for the origin of ideas and civilizations - a wish to find what is hidden and buried…

     Questioning beliefs, uncovering primordial structures beyond social norms.


     Daria begins studying art at the Art Students League in New York. She continues at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Florence and Lacoste, under the direction of Bernard Pfriem. After studying comparative religion and theatre at Bryn Mawr College and New York University, she moves to Paris. She continues her training in sculpture and painting at the Ateliers Beaux Art de la Ville de Paris with Daniel Jodet, the Ateliers du Carrousel with Véronique Jestin, the ADAC, the ateliers Terre et Feu, stone sculpture with Paula Gellis Reboulleau, and morphology with Jean-François Debord.

  2020.  Exhibition "Petits Trésors", Ateliers des Sources, Meudon

 2020   Exhibition "Portes Ouvertes des Artistes à Meudon", Centre d'Art et de Culture de Meudon, Meudon

2019.  Exhibition  "Alter Ego", Ecole Monnet-Debussy, Meudon

 2018  Exhibition "Portes Ouvertes des Artistes à Meudon", Centre d'Art et de Culture de Meudon, Meudon

2017   Exhibition "La nature vu par les grands", Maison de La Nature et de l'Arbre, Meudon

2016   Exhibition « Dialogues d'ateliers" », Centre d'Art et de Culture de Meudon, Meudon

2016   Exhibition  «Anahata », Galerie L’Oeil du Huit, Paris 

2015   Exhibition « Chimère », Galerie L’Oeil du Huit, Paris

2014   Installation « Yin Yang » for show « Entre Terre et Ciel, « Nuit Blanche » , Meudon

2014   Exhibition « French Artists in London », 5th Base Gallery/Beauté du Matin Calme, London

2013   Exhibition « Dialogues d’Artistes », Lieu 37, Paris                                 

2010   Exhibition «Big Bang», Stephanie Bocquet Studio, Paris                  

2008   Exhibition «Big Bang»,Bocquet Residence, Samois-sur -Seine

2007   Sculpture Commision-  Mariana Heilmann                                                                                      

2004   Exhibition  « L’Art en Fête »,Musée d’art et d’Histoire de La ville de Meudon »                  

2001   Sculpture Commision – José Aranguren                                                                            



Daria Steketee


Daria Steketee