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L'Arbre qui t'enlace


Dans la quiétude de la forêt,

les racines profondes me relient à la terre,

Enlacent mon cœur.

Au delà du temps,

L’arbre et moi ne font qu’un.

Ici et maintenant.

City of Vertical Delights


Deep within the city a current flows invisible

from earth, through steel up to layers of cloud.

Speaking in tongues – a bone resonating frequency

too deep for the human ear : aspire, aspire, aspire.

Over and over its rhythm pulses.


Every new floor, every tower, every curling cloud of smoke says it.


Our beginning – a journey off the ground

when standing on two feet was tightrope walking.

No more slithering through the grass.

No, not good enough..

Only one direction to go – defy gravity.

Let your bones align how they may.


That deep inner structure, such delicate perfection.

Aspire, aspire, aspire.

Jaguar's Song


I am travelled by roads,

travelled by countries,

images flashing through my limbs,

dizzy with the push and pull of opposing impulses.

How can I balance the inner ear

when this surging chaos beats at all the walls I keep building

inner and outer.

I am travelled by desires so intense

driven by them to white numbness.

Close down to block the normal horror on the radio.

Are there warriors of light to heal this ?

Do I have the courage to call to them ?

Can prayer lead to insanity ?

How deep can I go without losing myself ?

How deep can I go

Daria Steketee


Daria Steketee